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Towards Southwick Wood - wood pasture

The extent of
Rockingham Forest

Area of wood pasture in Southwick Wood

Where is Rockingham Forest?

The extent of Rockingham Forest has changed dramatically over the centuries. At one time it stretched from Stamford in the north to Northampton in the south, and from the Great North Road (A1) in the east and out to the west towards Rugby and Leicester.

Now the most significant sections of remaining woodland all lie in the northern part of the former forest and it is this that constitutes the current main area of interest for Rockingham Forest Vision. The map below indicates a rather flexible and fluid boundary. As you can see the area is roughly triangular bounded by the A1 and River Nene to the east, by the River Welland to the northwest and by a line from Oundle to Brigstock and Rushton to the south.

The area shown below covers approximately 120 square miles.

Rockingham Forest Vision logo
Rockingham Forest Vision project boundary

Elsewhere in this section of the website you will find details of the the forest's past and the different types of land-use that make up its landscape now. 

Its history

A short history of the former royal hunting forest with suggestions for further reading

Today's landscapes

Maps and photos showing the predominant landscapes of Rockingham Forest today

Its hidden gems

Public spaces, nature reserves, buildings and interesting locations to visit

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