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Associated organisations
and projects

Winter skyline in Rockingham Forest

Rockingham Forest Vision logo

Here is a directory of local and national organisations and projects whose work relates or is similar to that of Rockingham Forest Vision.

Rockingham Forest Vision logo

John Clare Countryside Vision

John Clare Countryside lies between the Nene and Welland valleys to the west of Peterborough and to the east of the A1.  It therefore butts right up to the Rockingham Forest Vision area and the two projects  have very similar aims and objectives.

The project is part of the work of the Langdyke Countryside Trust, a community organisation dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the natural and built heritage around Peterborough and Stamford.

Langdyke Trust logo.png

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is the UK's largest woodland conservation charity. They are actively creating new woodland, restoring ancient woods, and campaigning to stop the destruction of Ancient Woodland and trees in our cities. They also care for 1,000 woods across the country.

King's Cliffe Millennium Wood was created in 2000. The community of Kings Cliffe were very active in all aspects of the new woodland's creation and management.

Woodland Trust logo.png

Peterborough Environment City Trust

PECT is a charity that is helping to protect and enhance the environment throughout Peterborough and beyond. It works with communities, schools, businesses and voluntary organisations to deliver projects that make a real difference to the environment and people’s lives.

It is currently working on several projects including Forest for Peterborough: a tree for every person living in the city

PECT logo.png

Harborough Woodland

Harborough Woodland is a community volunteer group passionate about increasing the woodland cover in and around around Market Harborough and District from Northamptonshire to Rutland.

They help busy landowners to more easily benefit from multitude of professional specialist and financial support available for woodland planting and then assist with their large network of community volunteers.

logo Harborough.jpg

Miner2Major  (Sherwood Forest)

Miner2Major is a five-year Landscape Partnership Scheme (2019-2023). It focusses on the heart of the Sherwood Forest area from Bestwood to Ollerton, and Mansfield to Rufford Abbey, an area that has a distinctive landscape

logo miner2major.JPG

character which is valued and recognised  by local people as well as visitors from around the world.

The National Forest

The National Forest was the first forest to be created at scale in England for over 1000 years . The target area is 200 square miles of the English Midlands, spanning across parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire and aims to link the two ancient Forests of Charnwood and Needwood.  
The National Forest is  mixed habitat
forest, huge green lungs that have
breathed life into a landscape and
transformed communities and lives

Logo National forest.png

River Ise Partnership

The River Ise Partnership is a working group of the Nene Valley Catchment Partnership.

Logo river ise.png

The aim is to improve and promote the green infrastructure around the River Ise in Northamptonshire. With, and on behalf of, the partnership the Nene Rivers Trust has written the Ise Valley Strategic Plan to help to further these aims.

Nenescape Landscape Partnership

This collaborative project, brought together partners from along the River Nene between Northampton and Peterborough to celebrate, protect and conserve the natural and built

Logo nenescape.png

heritage of the landscape. Nene Nivers Trust led the project in partnership with a wide range of organisations.

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

A local educational charity whose mission is to 'support life through art'. They commission new  ways for artists to engage with audiences, in public spaces across Rockingham Forest and beyond, as well as online.

Recent locations of exhibitions have included Corby Woodlands, Barnwell Country Park and Top Lodge, Fineshade

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