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New woodland.jpg

Landowner Grant Schemes

Recently created woodland on the Bulwick Estate

Grants for environmental enhancement

There is now an array of grants available from government and other sources for landowners who are keen to enhance the environment by changing the way in which they manage their land.


Here you can download a summary of
17 of the main grants currently available and relevant to landholding in the Rockingham Forest Area.

The summary includes live links to where you can find out more and, crucially, the email addresses of the local contacts who can help you decide if a grant is for you.

There are grants for:


  • natural flood protection,

  • creating new woodland,

  • restoring wet meadows,

  • hedge planting,

  • creating and managing ponds,

  • sustainable food production,

  • carbon sequestration,

  • restocking existing woodland,

  • agroforestry,

  • planning your enhancements.

Download the 3-page list
Flower margin near Laxton.jpg
Legume Fallow 4.jpg

A flower-rich margin planted near Laxton - the hall can be seen in the distance. 

Both of these are options under the Countryside Stewardship scheme and attract substantial payments. They provide pollen and nectar for pollinators such as bumblebees, solitary bees, butterflies and hoverflies. Farmland birds benefit as well - the areas provide invertebrate food for chicks in April and July, followed by seed during the winter. 

"Legume Fallow" planted beside the road that leads up to  Fineshade

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