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Permissive path signpost

 Walking in the forest

Permissive path near Kings Cliffe

Walking in the forest

This page is work in progress. We are gradually bringing together information about all aspects of walking in Rockingham Forest. This includes links to:

  • Public Rights of Way

  • Other permissive paths

  • Long-distance walking routes

  • Shorter walks in the area

  • Walking groups

  • Aspirations for new or improved walking routes

  • Walking without wellies

Interested in helping out?

Please get in touch if you would be interested in helping to compile this page.

No website building experience necessary!

Rights of Way in the forest

This link will take you to North Northamptonshire Council's interactive map showing all Public Footpaths and Rights of Way in the area. 

Choose the Bridleways and Footpaths categories from the Layer List and zoom in to find this sort of map.

Map showing the very limited Rights of Way in the privately owned  Southwick Woods managed by Forestry England.

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 16.11.41.png

Improving accessibility

North Northants Greenway


A favourite walk in the forest is the circular route linking King's Cliffe, Blatherwycke and Stamford. 


We are supporting Robert Meadows, Footpath Warden for King's Cliffe Parish Council, who would like to see eight of the stiles on part of this route replaced with kissing gates.

Northamptonshire Walks

Covering the whole of the county, this website describes at least 19 walks in the Rockingham Forest Vision area.  There are descriptions and photos of each of the walks.
This is supported by Facebook and Twitter groups  and there are also many highly popular group walks.

Guided Walks

In 2022 - 23 we organised a series of  guided walks in Rockingham Forest, concentrating on some of the lesser-known areas. The walks will continue in 2024 -  click the box to find details

This is an ambitious 20-year plan to create a network of routes for walking, wheeling and cycling, linking key locations across North Northamptonshire

Long-distance paths

Northamptonshire Highways have produced leaflets which map out some suggested walking routes some of which direct you through the beautiful Rockingham Forest countryside.

Short walks with maps

Download maps and directions for 12 short walks in the area. Compiled in 1989 with hand-drawn maps 

Lost paths in the forest

The Ramblers are seeking active volunteer help for their Don't Lose Your Way campaign:

"By signing up as a research volunteer, you can help us save  lost rights of way. As a Don’t Lose Your Way researcher, you’ll work as part of a team to research evidence for the existence of lost paths and apply to get them legally recognised. Once recorded, the right to access them is protected, so current and future generations can access the places we all love to walk, forever."

Well worth a look on the Ramblers website...

Walking without wellies

When the weather has been very wet many of the walking paths in Rockingham Forest become very difficult indeed. The area's heavy clay soils retain the moisture and paths often do not drain well. They can quickly become almost impassable, even if you are sensibly shod. However, there are still some possibilities for walks along hard tracks and in this new feature we offer some suggestions for walks where, usually, you don't need to wear wellies.  All the suggestions are along Rights of Ways or on other public land.

1.  Wakerley Woods spine-track

Two miles long and lots of free parking at SP962985. The track, with lots of right-angles runs through Forestry England's managed woodland. A level dry path suitable for those with wheels. Appreciate the newly widened verges creating lots of rich butterfly, bug and botanic habitats

2. Public Bridleway across Deene Estate's farmland.

1.7 miles with 3-4 parking places at either end.  (SP974912 on the Deenethorpe-Benefield Road and  SP994920, Crossway Hand Farm on the Bulwick-Southwick Road). Mainly farm track, rough in places but little mud. Lots of Skylarks on the large arable fields!

Bridleway across Deene Esates' farmland
3. Public bridleway beside Southwick Wood

0.8 miles from SP994920, Crossway Hand Farm, along a level road as far as Boar's Head farm. After that the RoW is grassy and can be very boggy. Look for large herds of Fallow Deer in the distance to the west.

4. Bushrubs Wood near Apethorpe

A short walk through Ancient Woodland along a hard-surfaced bridleway. It is covered with leaf-mould but very possible for walking - at least there is no sole-grabbing clay! Park in the layby at TL026959 and the hard track will take you about half a mile through the wood and continue a short way along the Right of Way past Bluefield Farm.

More suggestions of walks on hard tracks coming soon - or perhaps you know of some good walks that you could recommend?  So please send us an email with your ideas. 

5. Fineshade Wood

Lots of routes to choose on easy level tracks including several possible loops. Paid parking at Top Lodge with toilets and cafe. Alternative access possible from King's Cliffe and, viaa more demanding  and damaged track from Duddington. A popular site for families which can be very busy at peak times.

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