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Parishes and towns

Parishes and towns

Parish boundaries of Rockingham Forest

As shown on the map, there are 33 parishes or towns in the Rockingham Forest Vision area. The black line indicates the extent of the current Rockingham Forest Vision area, bounded by the River Welland on the northwest, the A1 on the northeast, the River Nene on the east and less clearly defined on the south.

Nature Recovery Plans


As part of the Building the Links for Rockingham Forest we are working with parish and town councils  who are interested in developing projects and volunteering opportunities for nature recovery and climate resilience.

Some communities are formalising this work by creating a "Parish Nature Recovery Plan", an idea that has been used by other groups across the country.  You can read more about what this entails and the support that we are providing on this page of the website.  

There is also a 3-minute introductory YouTube video

Support for your local campaign

Rockingham Forest Vision are very willing to support local campaigns that align with our aims. See, for example, this call for creating a more accessible footpath linking the parishes of King's Cliffe, Blatherwycke and Duddington-with-Fineshade.  Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your campaign.

How about creating a Community Orchard?

North Northants Council are working in partnership with Stamford Community Orchard Group to enable communities and schools to plant fruit trees on publicly accessible land.

Does your parish have a Tree Warden?

Tree Wardens are volunters who plant, protect and promote their local trees.
No training or experience in tree management is needed – just a love of trees and a few hours to spare.

Any Ancient Woodland in your parish?

The inventory of Ancient Woodland in Rockingham Forest is out of date and currently being up updated. Volunteers needed with training available.
Could you help? 

Community Grant Scheme

Until September 2023 volunteers and community groups were able to apply for funding up to £6000 to support projects linked to Rockingham Forest Vision. More details here.

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