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Community Orchards Project

Coronation Community Orchards

To celebrate the King’s Coronation, North Northamptonshire Council have received funding which will help up to 30 groups to plant community orchards next winter, 2024/25.

NNC are working in partnership with Stamford Community Orchard Group to enable communities and schools to plant fruit trees on publicly accessible land and to keep our beautiful, bountiful and biodiverse orchards alive and productive in North Northamptonshire.

More about the Project

We will provide your group with FREE

  • apple, pear and plum trees,

  • planting kits,

  • educational resources,

  • webinars 

  • workshops

  • ongoing support. 

You will need:

  • a community group (or school)

  • a group of keen volunteers

  • a site that is publicly accessible with the agreement of the landowners

Applications are now open

Please fill in this on-line form to apply to join the project

Download a leaflet/guide

This has more details with live links and can be printed out for publicity


Hannah Dunstan | Woodland Ranger
North Northamptonshire Council

This funding has been made available through the Coronation Living Heritage Fund as part of Defra’s £758m Nature for Climate Fund.

An orchard is natural investment for the future!

"Barnack Beauty" - a local variety
Plums, greengages and damsons
Open day at the former Fineshade Community Orchard

  • All through the year it can enrich the landscape and biodiversity of the local area.

  • In the autumn  fruit can be picked, processed and used to promote healthy, local food.

  • In the summer the blossom and trees provide a focus for exploring pollinators and nature in all its forms.

  • It can bring people together who may be enticed to support or help such an outdoor project.

  • It can commemorate any event, including the King’s Coronation.

  • It can provide a cool, shady, screened area for quiet enjoyment, such as picnics or special events.

  • Seeing families lying under drifting blossom or picking and tasting their first fruit will soften any heart.

Another local Stamford varietyy
Apple pressing in the former Fineshade Community Orchard
Apple blossom
A cool, shady, screened area
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