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Walking and wellbeing

Kayleigh van der Vyver

Hi, I’m Kayleigh the Wellbeing Walks Officer for North Northamptonshire Council.

I started in post in January of this year on a 3-year contract which is funded by Public Health England.  This literally is a dream job for me: I love walking and being outdoors and I love talking! I spent the first couple of months getting out and meeting all of our amazing volunteer walk leaders and walkers and used the feedback from them to shape the future of the programme.

So a bit about the walks: the Wellbeing Walks are volunteer-led, free, weekly walks that are currently in over 20 locations across North Northants. They vary from 45 to 90 minutes in duration and from 2 to 4 miles in length, so there is a walk suitable for everyone. Our Wellbeing Walks are open to all ages and abilities.

Islip and Wicksteed Park

The aim of the Wellbeing Walks scheme is to be accessible to all residents of North Northants and help them to get to know their local area, meet new people and improve their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Walking is a low impact activity that is easy on your joints and can be done at any age or fitness level and a significant benefit to walking as part of a group is the social aspect – it can help you to make new friends and provides a real sense of community.

Burton Latimer and Wadenhoe

There are currently 21 Wellbeing Walks running across North Northants. Presently they all take place in the daytime during the week but my aim for the scheme is to extend the availability into evening and weekend walks which will mean that there is a walk available to everyone no matter what their working pattern may be.

Can you help?

Volunteers are a key part of the programme as without them the walks simply wouldn’t happen. I am currently looking to recruit new volunteer walk leaders across North Northants so that we can increase the times and locations that are available. Full training is provided and walk leaders are fully covered by North Northants Council insurance policy.

Please contact me by email if you might be interested in becoming a volunteer leader, or if you want to know any more about the scheme.

You can see the current programme of Wellbeing Walks here on the NCC website

West Glebe Park, Corby



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