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Parish Nature Recovery Plans

Parish Nature Recovery Plans

Here you will find –
• A brief explanation of Parish Nature Recovery Plans and
• How to take the first steps to involve your local community.

This has been produced as part of the Building the Links for Rockingham Forest Project funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. A detailed guide to how to create A Parish Nature Recovery Plan can be found at

What is a Parish Nature Recovery Plan?

A medium-term plan developed, created, and implemented by the local community for the benefit of both nature and people in your area (not necessarily a parish). It is a plan that looks at your current green spaces and how they can be improved, encouraging you to explore other opportunities for nature recovery in creative ways that work for your community.

Your Parish Nature Recovery Plan will be unique to your parish/area and there is a detailed guide at, which will be a valuable reference, whether you are looking for help with short term aims and/or have longer term aspirations.

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Why develop a Parish Nature Recovery Plan?

  • Significant increase in key wildlife habitats.

  • Raising levels of local pride, aspiration, and community cohesion, by helping communities understand, get involved with, and enjoy their natural surroundings.

  • Promoting health and well-being.

  • Helping to create a more resilient countryside where nature is at the heart of tackling  climate change.

  • Making a significant contribution to a new vision for Rockingham Forest by raising its local and national profile.

Interested - What to do next?

To find out more about how to develop a Parish Nature Recovery Plan to boost nature locally for the benefit of both your community and wildlife, contact Sophie van den Bergh, the Project Officer for Building the Links for Rockingham Forest, by email - or by phone - 07858-678186.

Sophie will be able to tell you more about Parish Nature Recovery Plans and the upcoming launch and workshops that the Project will be running this Spring and Summer, to support your parish/area.

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